• FCHS Music Paint Party

    November 14, 2018 – 6:30 - 9:30

    Catholic War Vets, 3535 State Road 159 between Smithton and Belleville

    Please sign up before November 4th    

    Here are directions for you to order:

    1.     Go to https://www.mommysdesignfarm.com

    2.     Select PARTY SIGN GALLERY from the menu

    3.     In the gallery, you will find the signs in categories. You can also filter them by size if you would like. If shopping on a phone, click the + by party sign gallery to see the categories.

        For example (career, family, custom design)  

    4.     Once you find the design you want to paint then click VIEW 

    5.     There will be drop down box to select your FUNDRAISER and date. The fundraiser contribution is $10 and noted next to party in the dropdown.

      It will be added to the cost of the sign! Then decide if you want it framed and add to the cart. Porch sign can be made reversible.

    6.     Signs $17 are intended for kids or as an additional sign to paint. They do not count towards the party minimum unless a gues purchases two. Any guest can paint up to two signs.

      Keep in mind that the 4 ft porch signs are like 2 signs. More wording on a sign means the more difficult it is.


    Any questions, please email FCHSMBA@gmail.com