Post-Graduation Planning

  • We hope you find the following information useful as you think about your plans post-high school.  Remember that the guidance office has a wealth of information for you to access to assist you in planning your future.  Stop in to use the resources or to schedule a meeting with your counselor for further information.
    • Preparing for College : This checklist includes includes important steps parents and students should take during each of the high school years to best prepare for college.
    • Important Tests : You will find information on a range of standardized tests, both those required of all students and optional tests for students interested in pursuing specific post-secondary options. 
    • College Search :  We have provided a few suggestions of places to begin your search for the perfect college as well as information on FCHS's college days policy.
    • Financial Aid : This is a starting point providing information on federal, private, and local aid sources.
    • SAT Information: Additional information related to the SAT, include test dates and preparation information
    • ACT Information : Additional information related to the ACT, including test dates and preparation tips.