Career Planning

  • Throughout their years at FCHS students are provided with a variety of means of career exploration.  The process actually begins in 8th grade with the PSAT 8/9 test.  When a student's results are returned, they are given an access code which allows them access to a variety of online resources through the College Board.  Results of this PSAT 8/9test are given to parents in the early spring of 8th grade year and are discussed with students during the first months of freshman year when they have their individual meeting with the guidance counselor.  Students continue to take the College Board family of tests when the take another version of the PSAT 8/9 in the spring of their 9th grade year, the PSAT 10 as 10th graders and then the SAT as 11th graders.  All of these assessments are taken as part of the school day and again, provide an access code to delve deeper in to their scores and see where they have had ares of growth.  Again, results are sent home to parents a month or two after the test and results are discussed with students.  The following site has useful information on interpreting the interest inventory:

    Students meet with their counselor in the fall of sophomore year and discuss career and college plans.  During this meeting, students are provided with a number of useful websites to help with the career exploration and college selection process.  Three websites in particular that can be shown to students as an excellent resource for career planning are listed below.  These sites offers a wide variety of career assessments. all of which offer suggestions of possible career paths based on student responses. 


    Throughout the year, various college and career fairs are announced through the school bulletin and this website for students to attend and further their career search.