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    Graduation Requirements:
    English                                       8 semesters            4 credits
    Math*                                        6 semesters           3 credits
    *Must include Algebra and Geometry
    Science                                      4 semesters           2 credits
    U.S. History                                2 semesters           1 credit
    U.S. Government                        1 semester            1/2 credit
    Contemporary U.S. History          1 semester            1/2 credit
    Consumer Education¹                 1 semester            1/2 credit
    Senior Seminar                          1 semester            1/2 credit
    Physical Education²                   7 semesters            3 1/2 credits
    Health                                       1 semester             1/2 credit
    Driver Education                      1/2 semester             0 credit
    Electives                                  16 semesters            8 credits
    ¹ Can be fulfilled by taking Economics, Agricultural Business & Management, Adult Living, or Business & Technology Concepts
    ² Marching Band also meets this requirement.  Juniors and seniors may obtain a waiver for this course in the guidance office if involved in varsity athletics or taking certain courses required for college.
    Typical Admission Requirements to IL Colleges and Universities:
    4 years English
    3 years social studies - emphasizing history and government
    3 years mathematics - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry
    3 years science 
    2 years foreign language, music, fine art, or selected vocational courses - requirements in this category vary widely by school and occasionally by major