English 1  

    Course#134               Grade: 9               Length:  2 semesters              Credit: 1

    This is the entrance level English class in which students will focus on the fundamental reading and writing skills for high school.  They will explore different genres including short stories, nonfiction, drama, the epic, and multiple classic novels. In addition, the course focuses heavily on understanding and writing an academic essay, and the overall process of writing including editing and revision skills. The development of research skills and research writing is a component, as is the development of vocabulary.   Students are placed in this class based upon their 8th grade teachers' recommendations, standardized tests scores, and advisement of the high school counselor.


    Accelerated English 1

    Course#138                  Grade: 9               Length: 2 semesters                Credit: 1

    This class is designed for the advanced freshman English student.  It is an accelerated course for students seeking a challenging English curriculum.  Students enrolled in English 1A will read, interpret, and discourse on various genres of literature including novels, short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and the epic. There is heavy emphasis on the writing process as it applies to drafting, crafting, and revising the academic essay. Research methods will also be studied and applied during several projects.  The accelerated nature of the course calls for students to participate actively in the course and work as a community of readers and writers.  Placement is dependent on: recommendation from 8th grade teachers, standardized test scores, and decision of high school counselor.


    English 2

    Course#135                Grade: 10                 Length: 2 semesters               Credit: 1

    The second year English class for the English student that has successfully completed English 1.  This course is designed to build upon their existing grammar and compositions skills.  It also expands their knowledge of the different genres of literature.   Analyses of various literature pieces are covered.  Construction of and writing cohesive essays skills are uncovered in English 2.  Various technology projects that incorporate writing and speaking skills are also included in the course curriculum.


    Accelerated English 2

    Course#139                  Grade: 10                  Length: 2 semesters           Credit: 1                 Weighted Class: Advanced level (.10)

    This course is designed for the advanced sophomore English student.  All aspects of English are covered in this course: grammar, writing, literature, and vocabulary.  During the first semester, study focuses on literary analysis, grammar, the structure of the short story, and concludes with an oral presentation on a selected novel.  In the second semester, students continue to learn weekly vocabulary, write a research paper, and study literature to include: short stories, poetry, Julius Caesar and an in depth study of Roman and Greek mythology.  Writing is ongoing throughout the year; students will write a variety of essays, including narrative, descriptive, and expository.  Students will also read novels independently and will complete various projects and literary analyses for each.  Students entering this class must have at least a B in English 1 Accelerated or have an A in English 1 along with the recommendation from their English 1 teacher.


    English 3

    Course#136                   Grade: 11                     Length: 2 semesters              Credit: 1

    The focus of this course is on skills which are most valuable in college English courses: clear and logical expository writing, analysis and interpretation of literature, and a basic understanding of historical and literary trends in American Literature. Students taking this course learn to refine their writing skills as the course progresses and expository writing from the development of the paragraph to the longer composition. The content of this course also includes the in depth study of select novels, authors, literary terms, and novels’ characteristics. Students will be assigned novels to analyze for complete understanding of the author’s purpose in writing the work. Students will also be required to use reference materials in completing essays of critical analysis.


    College Prep English 

    Course#140                    Grade: 11                     Length: 2 semesters                 Credit: 1          Weighted Class: Advanced level (.10)

    This class is an accelerated English class for junior students.  Students taking this course will examine a variety of literary genres.  These genres will include novels, short stories, poems, and plays.  This class will survey classic British and American Literature (one semester devoted to each). In addition, students will be given experience in writing a series of college essays, several research papers, and utilizing proper oral communication skills.  Students entering this class must have at least a B in English 2 Accelerated or have an A in English 2 along with the teacher’s recommendation.


    English 4 

    Course#137                      Grades: 12                   Length: 2 semesters                 Credit: 1

    English 4 is an in depth study of British literature and specifically designed to help students increase their abilities to communicate clearly, correctly, and confidently. This class is designed to enhance the student’s ability to read with greater comprehension through the development of analytical skills.  Students will be expected to sharpen writing skills through various writing assignments.  A cross-section of literary genres will be studied including novels, poems, short stories, plays, and essays.


    College English

    Course#141                      Grades: 12                        Length: 2 semesters                Credit: 1

    Prerequisite: Must have recommendation of instructor                  Weighted Class – Honors level (.25)

    This is a college level English course.  This course is open only to students who have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and received a grade of at least a B in College Prep English, or an A in English 3 and permission from the College English instructor.  A limited number of seats may be available for this class, thus only the most qualified students will be allowed to take this course.  Students have the opportunity to enroll for college credit through the Saint Louis University 1818 program.  If a student earns a C or better in this course, most colleges and universities across the country will grant credit.  

    SLU dual-enrollment option.  Fall = ENGL 1500, The Process of Composition, 3 credit hour; Spring = ENGL 1900, Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric & Research, 3 credit hours