Fine Arts Department

  • Art 1

    Course#251          Grades: 9-11            Length: 2 semesters           Credit: 1            Course Fee: $40

    This course is designed as a general art survey course.  Focus is on the study of drawing, color, design, and art appreciation.  Emphasis is placed on the drawing mediums of charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, oil pastels, and 2 dimensional works with color and design. 


    Art 2  

    Course#252                Grades: 10- 12             Length: 2 semesters            Prerequisite:251                Credit: 1             Course Fee: $40

    This is a continuation of Art 1 with designs on the areas of color drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and sculpture.  This class is designed for the seriously interested art student. Enrollment is dependent on prior grade in Art 1 and permission of the instructor.


    Art 3

    Course#253            Grades: 11&12                 Length: 2 semesters             Prerequisite:252                Credit: 1             Course Fee: $40

    The course is designed for the seriously interested art student with creative emphasis in the following areas: advanced drawing, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media college work. Enrollment is dependent on previous grades in Art 1and 2 as well as permission from the instructor.


    Art 4

    Course#254                 Grade: 12                    Length: 2 semesters             Prerequisite: 253               Credit:1              Course Fee:$40                                                                                                                                                  

    This course is designed for students with a strong interest in art and provides opportunities to have artwork created in a student selected art medium.  Projects created during this course include charcoal drawing, large scale clay sculptures, printmaking, and mixed-media.  Choices in concentrated art mediums include drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculptures.  Students will be required to participate in art history research, sketchbook assignments, and create a portfolio of their concentrated art medium.


    Beginning Band

    Course #246              Grades: 9-12                   Length: 2 semesters                  Credit: 1

    This is a band for students who are new to an instrument or need more time to practice on their instruments to be successful in the upper band class. This will be a class primarily focused on learning the basics of the instruments and building the skills necessary to become a confident musician.



    Course#245                Grades: 9-12                     Length: 2 semesters                 Credit: 1                Course Fee: $20

    The band is a performance oriented class with emphasis on the reading of musical notation, good tone production, and high quality musical experiences.  Students participating in band will be in the marching band at the beginning of the fall semester, followed by concert band in the late fall semester. The marching band will have competitions that are mandatory to attend, and the concert band will have at least two mandatory performances each year. Once marching band is over, students will have the opportunity to join jazz band. Jazz band is extracurricular and is not mandatory. Jazz band will provide an extra opportunity for improvement on their instrument as well as offer them another outlet to better understand and learn about music. Grades are based upon student cooperation and effort, participation in class, and attendance at performances.



    Course#235                 Grades: 9-12                     Length: 2 semesters              Credit: 1

    Choir is a class for students who wish to start singing, or improve their current singing skills. This class will explore multiple genres of music and languages throughout the duration of the class. Students participating in choir will have at least two mandatory performances each year.


    Music Appreciation

    Course#243                Grades: 9-12                        Length: 1 semesters            Credit: 1/2

    This is a survey class of the many elements and aspects of the world of music.  Listening skills and intelligent discrimination are the main focus of the class as we study the music of Western Civilization from the Middle Ages to the present.  Each student will prepare a lecture/discussion/on their own listening tastes and favorite groups.



    Course#244               Grades: 9-12                            Length: 1 semesters            Credit: 1/2

    Designed for the student who has little or no skill on the instrument.  It is preferred that the student owns his/her own acoustic guitar, or is willing to borrow an acoustic guitar for this class.  Emphasis in the class will be upon the reading of musical notation and proper technique when playing the instrument stages throughout the program.