Health, Physical & Safety Education Department

  • Health

    Course#706                     Grades: 9 & 10                  Length: 1 semester                  Credit: ½

    This is a semester class, usually taken at the freshman level in conjunction with the physical education course.  The course is designed to help students understand health information and develop attitudes necessary to make them better able to achieve or maintain their highest quality of life.


     Physical Education

    Course #701- Girls 9/10 PE                 Grades: 9 – 12                   Length: 2 semesters                   Credit: 1               Course Fee: $35

                #702 - Boys 9/10 PE

                #711 - Girls 11/12 PE

                #712 - Boys 11/12 PE

    This is a state mandated class for all students.  Freshman and sophomore students may be excused if they are participating in the Marching Band.  Juniors and seniors may be excused if they meet the criteria proposed by sec. 5.27.6 of the Illinois school code. A Physical Education waiver form must be completed and on file in the school office for all students not participating in Physical Education. Physical fitness and recreational activities are taught at various times throughout the year long course.  Longer, healthier and more productive lives can be achieved through a regular physical fitness program throughout one’s life. 



    Course#705                 Grades: 9-12                     Length: 2 semesters                      Credit: 1                    Course Fee: $35

    Students use the Bigger, Faster, Stronger weight program in this course.  This is for serious students who are looking to improve their overall body appearance, strength, and health through intense weight lifting and cardiovascular workouts.  Students also do dot drills, plyometrics, running, agility ladders, medicine ball activities, bounding/explosion drills, cardio, and physical fitness testing.  


    Drivers Education

    Course - Driving #708                   Grade: 9-12               Length: 30 hours (classroom) 6 hours (driving)                Credit: 0                                     Classroom  #707                 Course Fee: $250(classroom & driving)                                                                                         

    This is a state mandated course with the classroom portion also being a requirement for graduation.  This class is open to second semester freshman who have passed at least 4 classes their first semester and have reached the age requirement.  All other students must have passed 8 classes the previous two semesters.  Admission to the class is determined by a student’s birth date, with the oldest being placed first.  State law requires at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. An additional $20.00 fee, which is paid directly to the state, is required for the vision test.  Students will be scheduled for driver’s ed. during either PE or study hall; they will not be taken out of any other course to meet this requirement.  Students may not complete both the classroom and behind-the-wheel portion of the course in a single semester.