Mathematics Department

  • Algebra 1: Double Block

    Course #601 & 611           Grade: 9              Length: 2 semesters            Credit: 2

    This course meets for two class periods each day with students earning one math credit and one elective credit.  It is designed for the student who has practiced arithmetic skills, real number operations, and pre-algebra skills, but requires support to master these concepts.  The class begins with a review of basic pre-algebra skills and real number operations then expands into work with linear equations, slope, exponents, square roots, radicals, and quadratic equations.  This course covers the same material as Algebra 1 while providing additional time for practice and individualized instruction.     

    Algebra 1  

    Course#603                  Grade: 9                 Length: 2 semesters               Credit: 1

    This course is designed for the student who is competent in arithmetic skills.  The student should have a previous knowledge of variables and should know how to operate with real numbers.  The class begins with a review of basic pre-algebra skills then expands into work with linear equations, slope, exponents, square roots, radicals, and quadratic equations.

    Applied Math

    Course#605                Grades: 10- 12                  Length: 2 semesters              Credit: 1

    This class is designed for the student who has unsuccessfully attempted or who does not have the mathematical skills necessary to attempt Algebra 2.  Students may also take this course after completing Fundamental Geometry.  This is a reinforcing and strengthening course designed for the student to review and apply mathematical concepts.  This includes: whole numbers, decimals, fractions, statistics, measurement, percents, probability, basic geometry, perimeter, area, volume, rational numbers, and solving equations.  This is not designed as a college preparatory course.  Counselor or math department permission is required for this class.

    Algebra 2

    Course#604                Grades: 10-12                      Length: 2 semesters                  Credit: 1

    This course is designed to extend the math skills gained in both Algebra 1 and Geometry.  The class begins with a review of fundamental Algebra then expands into imaginary numbers, higher degree equations, coordinate geometry, real exponents, and logarithms.  This course is not recommended for the student who may have struggled with lower levels of Algebra.  Students should have attained a C or higher in Algebra 1 class if they expect to be successful in this class. 


    Course#607               Grades: 9-12                           Length: 2 semesters               Credit: 1

    This class is designed for students who have had preparation in Algebra 1.  The course is pointed toward the study of polygons, triangles, circles, construction graphing, mathematical reasoning, area, volume, and perimeter formulas.

    Fundamental Geometry

    Course#606                Grades: 10-12                   Length: 2 semesters              Credit: 1

    This class deals with the study of basic geometric figures, that is, triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons.  This would involve using formulas for areas of plane figures and volumes of solids.  The course also includes the study of congruent polygons and similar polygons.  Some coordinate geometry and construction would also be involved.  Counselor or teacher approval is required prior to enrollment in this class.

    Transitional Math 

    Course #620                Grade: 12                         Length: 2 semesters              Credit: 1

    This senior-level course is designed to help transition students into college-level algebra courses. Students will engage in deepening conceptual understanding using algebra and mathematical applications of algebra and functions and how functions naturally arise using authentic modeling situations. The function families (linear, polynomial, rational, radical, and exponential) will be emphasized. Additionally, the course shall emphasize the eight mathematical practices, particularly modeling within the setting of authentic and contextualized applications, and upon completion, the student should be able to: demonstrate and justify both orally and in writing conceptual understanding of functions combined with advanced algebraic knowledge to solve complex, contextualized, multi-step problems in authentic settings. Students need to have successfully completed three years of high school math to be eligible for this course.


    Course #608 & 609              Grade: 11&12                    Length: 2 semesters                   Credit: 1        Weighted: Advanced (.10)

    This course introduces trigonometry to the student followed by preparation for calculus for students who plan on taking calculus as their next math course.  The course covers the theory and applications of trigonometry as well as the study of analytical geometry equations, graphs of functions, logarithmic & exponential equations, probability and statistics.  This course together with calculus will prepare the student for college math classes.  Students should have a competent understanding of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry if they expect to succeed in this class.

    College Statistics

    Course #612               Grade: 11-12                  Length: 2 semesters                 Credit: 1              Weighted: Honors (.25)

    The following concepts and statistical techniques are included: organization, presentation, and description of quantitative data (graphical methods and numerical methods); probability and probability distributions; sampling and statistical inferences (interval estimation and hypothesis testing); and correlation and regression. Students will  use a TI graphing calculator and/or a statistical software package in this course. Students will earn college credit for this course through SWIC.  Prerequisite: Algebra 2  with a grade of C or better and teacher's approval.  Students will also need to take SWIC's placement test and achieve a qualifying score for entrance into the course.

    SWIC dual-enrollment option: MATH 107, General Education Statistics, 4 credit hours

    A.P. Calculus AB

    Course #610               Grade: 12                  Length: 2 semesters                 Credit: 1              Weighted: Honors (.25)

    This course covers the content of a first semester college calculus class.  Some applications of differentiation and integration such as related rates, maximum/minimum, rectilinear motion, volume and area are studied.  It is recommended that only those students who have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and a math GPA of at least a 4.0 register for this course. College credit may be attained by taking the Advanced Placement exam in May and achieving a score of 4 or 5, as determined by individual colleges.  Teacher approval is required for this course.