Dual Credit Options

  • FCHS offers a variety of means for students to earn college credit for classes they take during high school.   These credits can be transferred to colleges and universities and used to meet various general education and concentration requirements.  The institution that will ultimately be awarding the college degree determines exactly how any credit is transferred into their school and whether or not a transfer course will meet any degree requirements.  Policies vary widely depending on the university and the degree field, so students are always encouraged to review transfer credit policies at universities they would like to attend.


    Options available at FCHS

    Advanced Placement (AP): This is a national program administered by The College Board.  High school courses and instructors go through a rigorous approval process to insure that coursework is equivalent to that required at the college level.  Students have the opportunity to take an AP exam at the end of the course to determine whether they are deserving of college credit.  All public colleges in Illinois guarantee credit will be awarded for a score of 3 or higher, on a scale of 5.  Private colleges and universities outside of IL may have different standards, but AP credit is the most widely accepted method for earning college credit while in high school.  The type of credit is determined by the awarding university, but if accepted, would be a minimum of 3 credit hours per course.  The current cost per AP exam is $92.

    U.S. History

    U.S. Government & Politics


    Total credit hours: 9 (could be 10 depending on the university)

    Many colleges award additional hours for calculus due to the additional coursework required in that course at the college level.

    Additional information about the AP program can be found on The College Board website: https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home

    Saint Louis University's 1818 Program: Freeburg students have the opportunity to dual-enroll in a variety of courses through Saint Louis University (SLU).  Our teachers work in conjunction with SLU professors to create a syllabus that meets requirements for an equivalent course at SLU.  Any student who successfully completes the course and pays the tuition fee will be issued a transcript from SLU documenting the courses.  Credit is determined by the transfer institution, but SLU is the oldest dual enrollment program in the nation and has long standingrelationships with a wide variety of universities.  Credits earned at SLU can be transferred to a large number of colleges across the country.  The current cost for 1818 dual enrollment class is $65 per credit hour.

    College Chemistry - Fall: CHEM 1110 & 1115 - General Chemistry I Lecture & Lab, 4 credit hours

    Spring: CHEM 1120 & 1125 - Introduction to Chemistry II Lecture & Lab, 4 credit hours

    College Physics- Fall: PHYS 1220 - Physics I, 4 credit hours

                              Spring: PHYS 1240 - Physics II, 4 credit hours

    College Biology - Yearlong course: BIOL 1240 & 1245 - Principles of Biology I Lecture & Lab, 4 credit hours

    College English - Fall: ENGL 1500 - The Process of Composition, 3 credit hours

                              Spring: ENGL 1900 - Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric & Research, 3 credit hours

    College Psychology - Spring: PSYCH 1010 - General Psychology, 3 credit hours

     Total credit hours: 29

    Additional information about the 1818 program can be found on the SLU website: http://www.slu.edu/1818 

    Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC): Students have the opportunity to earn college credit, at no cost, for one current course offered at FCHS.  This math course is transferable to four-year institutions.

    College Statistics - Yearlong course: MATH 107 - General Education Statistics, 4 credit hours

    Total credit hours: 4

    If a student were to take all of these courses, they could graduate with 45 hours of college credit.  If you were to only count those courses that lead towards a four year degree, a student could earn up to 42 credit hours.  The total cost for the 42 credit bearing courses would be $2161.


    Options available on the SWIC campus

    Running Start: This is a dual credit program for qualified high school students to attend Southwestern Illinois College for their junior and senior year.  The program meets the requirements for both a high school diploma and an Associates of Arts or Associates of Science degree.  Students would be required to take at least 5 classes per semester, or 32 credit hour per year.  Many of these classes would be requirements to fulfill either the state of Illinois and Freeburg High School graduation requirements or the SWIC associates degree requirements.  Students would be able to select some elective courses for the remaining classes.  A detailed explanation of the course requirements can be found in the following Crosswalk.  The cost of this program is currently $4756 per year for tuition and fees; students would be responsible for the cost of textbooks, which average $500 per semester, as well as transportation.  Please review the following information for more details about this program.