Drivers' Ed

  • To obtain your Driver's License you will need the following:

    1.  Instruction Permit and its receipt
    2.  Your Birth Certificate (certified, not a copy)
    3.  Proof of Residence (piece of mail w/your name and address on it)
    4.  Your signed Social Security card.
    5.  An under the age of 18 applicant will need a 50-hour certification sheet validated by the Driver's Parents or Legal Guardian
    6.  A Cooperative Driver Testing Program Certificate (if the student is exempt)
    7.  To pass a driving test administered by a Secretary of State examiner at any of the Driver's Services Facilities in Illinois.

    To obtain your Learner's Permit you will need to go to the Belleville location with the following items:

    1. A letter from your classroom instructor stating you passed the vision screening and written permit test.  If you did not pass the vision screening, you must have a letter/form from an optometrist. 
    2. Your Birth Certificate (certified, not a copy)
    3. 2 Proofs of Residence (piece of mail w/your name and address on it, one can be a parent Driver's License)
    4. Your signed Social Security card

    Testing Centers:

    Belleville License Facility
    400 West Main Street
    Belleville, IL 62220
    Phone:  236-8750

    Waterloo License Facility
    511 Illinois Avenue
    Waterloo, IL 62298
    Phone: 939-3663
    Hours:  Closed on Mondays and Holidays
    Tuesday:  8:00 - 6:00
    Wednesday - Friday:  8:00 - 5:00
    Saturday:  8:00 - noon