Physical Education



    Physical Education, Health
    and Driver's Education

    Course Descriptions

    Physical Education classes will focus on the student as an individual and how the staff can help them learn to live a healthy, productive, and happy life once the high school years have been completed. We will do this through a series of individual and team activities designed to allow the opportunity to discover activities which will be beneficial in accomplishing the above goals. Each activity will be a venue to better fitness and therefore help in such areas as stress management, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and general well-being.

    Weight Lifting classes focus on the Bigger Faster Stronger Program. This program is designed to provide high school students a full understanding of lifting weights, plyometrics, running form drills, and cardiovascular work by giving them the proper techniques in order for athletes to excel in sports and non-athletes to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Health is a semester class, usually taken at the freshmen level in conjunction with the Physical Education class. The course is designed to help students understand the health information and develop attitudes and decision making skills to make them better able to achieve or maintain their highest quality of life physically, mentally, and socially. 

    Driver's Education is a thirty hour classroom, 50 hour practice driving hour and six hours of Behind the Wheel instructional class. The course objectives are students will prepared and tested for the Illinois Permit Test, become familiar with Rules of the Road and Safe Driving Habits, learn how to drive safely with the help of their parents and Driver's Education instructor, and students will pass their Driving Test and obtain an Illinois Driver's License before they graduate from FCHS.

    Senior Seminar Human Sexuality is a required semester class for seniors.  This class is a skills-based health program deisgned to give high school students a full understanding of sexuality by giving them information about anatomy and physiology, as well as the psychological and social aspects of sexuality. 



    Heather Scheid      

    Senior Seminar, Physical Education, and Spanish

    B.S.Physical Education and Health from Wittenberg University,
    Springfield, OH                

    Illinois State Certification in Spanish

    M.S. Education from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD

    M.S. Administration and Leadership from McKendree University

    Assistant Girl's Soccer Coach

    Ronnie Stuart        

    Physical Education and Weight Lifting

    B.S. Physical Education 

    M.S. Administration and Leadership from McKendree University

    Varsity Football Coach
    Drew Gericke 

    Physical Education and Drivers Education

    Associate Degree Southwestern Illinois College

    B.S. Physical Education from McKendree University
    Endorsements in Health and Driver's Education

    M.S. Administration and Leadership from McKendree University

    Varsity Baseball Coach                                           Assistant Football Coach


    Current Physical Education Units

    Girls and Boys:  Presidential Pre-Test


    Current Health Unit

    A Healthy Foundation Chapters 1-3

    Required Health Reading          Guided Reading Activities          Course Outline