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    We have used this site to provide resources to help you plan for your high school years as well as you future beyond FCHS.  You will find tabs to the left which will bring you to additional information for maximizing your time as a student at FCHS and for assisting in developing plans for after your graduation.  We hope that you find the information on these pages useful and encourage you to contact one of the counselors with any questions. 


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    Upcoming Events



    February 8                                 ACT - national test date

    February 10                               College Visit: Southeast Missouri State University

    February 13                               Registration deadline March SAT

    February 21                               College Visit: Michigan State University

                                                       SWIC-Manufacturing, Welding & CNC Programs

    February 23                               Regional College Fair @ SWIC

    February 25                               Lunch Visit: U.S. Marine Corps

                                                       Firefighter/EMT Presentation

    February 26                               Accuplacer Testing @ SWIC

                                                       8th Grade Parent Meeting - Freeburg families

    February 27                               Accuplacer Testing @ SWIC

                                                       College Visit: Ranken Technical College

                                                       8th Grade Parent Meeting - Smithton families

    February 28                               50% of Semester 2 complete

    February 28                               Registration deadline April ACT

    March 2                                      College Visit: Quincy University

    March 12                                    College Visit: McKendree University

    March 14                                    SAT - national test date

    April 2                                        Registration deadline May SAT

    April 3                                        75% of Semester 2 complete

    April 4                                        ACT - national test date

    April 14                                      PSAT/SAT - state mandated testing for all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students

    May 2                                         SAT - national test date

    May 6                                         Registration deadline June SAT

    May 8                                         Registration deadline June ACT

    June 6                                        SAT - national test date

    June 13                                      ACT - national test date

    June 19                                      Registration deadline July ACT

    July 18                                       ACT - national test date


    Mrs. Anne Meinert                                  Mr. John Young

    Junior & Senior Counselor                        Freshman & Sophomore Counselor

    phone: 539-5533                                   phone: 539-5533

    email:                     email:




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