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Survey Request--Please Read!

From the Superintendent’s Desk
By Greg Frerking, FCHS Superintendent

Last March, the Strategic Planning Committee met with Larry Dirks from the Illinois Association of School Boards to help the District begin the process of strategic planning. The committee included the Board of Education, Teachers, non-certified employees, students, parents and community members. There were approximately twenty individuals that met on a Saturday to begin the strategic planning process.

The first goal was to review the District’s mission and vision statements. The Glossary of Educational Reform defines a school’s mission and vision statement as: 
A school’s mission statement is a public declaration that is used to describe their founding purpose and major organizational commitments—i.e., what they do and why they do it.

A vision statement, or simply a vision, is a public declaration that schools use to describe their high-level goals for the future—what they hope to achieve if they successfully fulfill their organizational purpose or mission.

Our current mission statement:
The mission of Freeburg Community High School, in partnership with its greater communities, is to enable all students to become productive and responsible citizens by providing them opportunities to maximize their intellectual, physical, and social capabilities in a safe, caring, learning environment.

Our current vision statement:
Where good things happen for kids.

In reviewing these statements, the Board of Education decided to leave the mission statement unchanged. They felt the mission statement was appropriate and remained current in its current form.

However, the Board felt the vision statement should be updated. Members of the Strategic Planning Committee were asked to provide suggestions for a new vision statement for the District. Those suggestions were then narrowed down to 4 by the Board of Education. The Board is asking for input from the entire community to select the new vision statement.

This will be completed through a survey. Community members can access the survey through the link below.

The link will be live through Sunday, March 31st. The results of the survey will then be reviewed by the Board at a Strategic Planning Committee meeting prior to the April Board Meeting. The Board will then have the opportunity to approve a new vision statement for the District at the April Board meeting.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Click on the link below to go the the survey: