College Search

Searching for the right college or university is an exciting process, but it's easy to become overwhelmed when doing it alone. We have a wide array of information available in the guidance office and both Mrs. Meinert and Mr. Young are available to discuss individual plans with students. The following websites are useful for students starting their search.

College Days - Seniors, who are on track to graduate on time, are allowed two days for college visits if they have missed less than 10 days of school. Each day must be approved by the guidance office and the high school principal 2 days in advance with a "College Days Request Form", available in the guidance office, and must be used by May 1st. Juniors may take two college days during second semester with permission from the principal. Refer to the student handbook for additional information.

College Athletics - Students interested in pursuing athletic involvement in college should check eligibility requirements created by the NCAA and NAIA and should also speak with FCHS's Athletic Director.