Board of Education

The Freeburg Community High School District #77 Board of Education is an elected body.  Members are elected generally on an "at large" basis although a minimum of two Board members must be residents of unincorporated areas of the District.

Board Members:

Victoria Staub, President        (

April Nail, Vice President (

Michelle Morgan, Secretary (

James Kisgen          (

Dean Gauch (

Gary Henning           (

Jay Spanley (

Superintendent:  Greg Frerking 

Board of Education Mandatory Training Completion Dates

Freeburg Community High School District 77 

Board of Education- Meeting Schedule 


Meetings will be held in room C-4 at Freeburg Community High School, 

401 South Monroe, Freeburg, IL 62243.  Meetings will begin at 7 :00 P.M. 

Wednesday June, 28, 2023

Thursday July,  20 2023

Thursday August 17, 2023 

Thursday September 21, 2023 

Thursday October 19, 2023

Monday November 13, 2023 

Thursday December 14, 2023 

Thursday January 18, 2024

Thursday February 15, 2024 

Thursday March 21, 2024

Thursday April 18, 2024

Thursday May 16, 2024

Thursday June 20, 2024 

The meeting dates and times indicated here are subject to change. If a meeting date and/or time is changed, the public will be notified in accordance with Illinois State Law. 

All documents pertaining to the Board of Education may be found in the area below.