Superintendent - Greg Frerking

Duties: District's executive officer; in charge of the administration of the school district under the direction of the Board of Education. In addition to administrative duties, the Superintendent is required to make recommendations to the Board concerning the budget and finance, building and facility plans and maintenance, selection of textbooks and other curricular materials, courses of study, hiring and retention of personnel, and to encourage positive working relationships with other governmental units and state agencies.

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Principal - Mrs. Jill Jung

Duties: Responsible for the supervision and improvement of the instructional program and curriculum. The Principal must oversee the staff development needs of the faculty, establish clear lines of communication regarding school goals, accomplishments, practices and policies with parents and faculty, and submit recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the appointment, retention, promotion, and assignment of all personnel at the high school. The Principal also is responsible for assisting in the supervision of extracurricular activities and events.

Assistant Principal - Ms. Lori Crunk

Duties: Supervises student conduct and discipline and enforces Board policies and rules with respect to student rules and regulations, including the assigning of detentions and suspensions. Collaborates with the Principal and Superintendent in interviewing and evaluating instructional staff and non-instructional staff. The Assistant Principal also supervises the recording and monitoring of student attendance and assists in the supervision of extracurricular activities and coordinates provisions of services to students with disabilities.